Sprint Nextel fights ‘Traffic Pumping’ Schemes

May 9, 2007

Sprint Nextel is taking legal action against a number of companies involved in a wide-ranging scheme to abuse the intercarrier compensation system. This illegal scheme abuses a system intended to keep the price of basic telephone service affordable for rural consumers. Read the rest of this entry »

Sprint Nextel Q3 2006 results

October 26, 2006

Sprint Nextel  reported Q3 2006 financial results. In the quarter, the company improved profitability and launched several initiatives to enhance operating performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Sprint Nextel Schedules Q3 2006 Earnings

October 16, 2006

Update: Sprint Q3 2006 available here 

Sprint Nextel will release its third-quarter financial results on Thursday, Oct. 26. The results will be posted at www.sprint.com/investors at approximately 7 a.m. EDT. Sprint Nextel management will host a conference call following the release to discuss the results and conduct a Q&A session.

Sprint Nextel Conference Call Information
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Sprint GigE special pricing

October 3, 2006

Special promo: Sprint GigE for less than $20k.

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* GigE = Gigabit ethernet