PAETEC Launches MPLS, IP Ethernet Service

June 26, 2007

PAETEC Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: PAET) today announced the availability of its Ethernet Local Loop transport service to support MPLS and Internet services. Ethernet access provides built-in scalability without the need to order additional facilities when more bandwidth is required. Read the rest of this entry »


An interesting IP VPN application

May 9, 2007

Stereotaxis¬†will be using Global Crossing’s IP VPN service for their the Stereotaxis Odyssey Network. Now that in itself is not that interesting, however the IP VPN application is a good example of how this technology can benefit us all. Read the rest of this entry »

MPLS – how it can save you money

April 15, 2007


MPLS is an acronym for Multi Protocol Label Switching. I will try not to get into the boring technical details, but the magic word here is Multi Protocol. Why would you care? If your company fits the profile, an MPLS network can save you money.

With an MPLS network you can combine different types of data (hence the Multi Protocol) onto one network. You can run VoIP, application data like Human Resource Management software, internet access, a secure multi location LAN etc. at the same time over the same network.

Not only can this save you money by combining these different networks into one MPLS network, it also greatly reduces the cost and resources of managing these networks.

To process all these different types of data, an MPLS network uses several Classes of Service (CoS) to ensure the Quality of Service (QoS) by assigning different profiles to different applications. You can imagine that for VoIP, or video conferencing, speed is more important than for email. You wouldn’t care if an email arrived 200 milliseconds later, but such an echo on a phone call sure would be annoying. Thus, by assigning a higher Class Of Service, these packets take priority on the MPLS network.¬† Read the rest of this entry »