GameRail selects XO

July 10, 2007

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XO Communications announced that the GameRail and XO have signed agreements for XO Communications to provide network services in support of the rapid expansion of GameRail’s high-capacity gaming network. GameRail is the nation’s first and leading network operator dedicated to delivering superior performance to the online gaming community.

Under the terms of the agreement, GameRail will purchase Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) inter-city private line circuits and IP Transit services from XO Communications to support the phase one completion of the GameRail network and possible future domestic network expansions as GameRail continues to deploy services throughout North America. XO has already delivered multiple inter-city circuits, completing installation in five days due to the scalable systems and pre-deployed capacity in the XO network. With the additional new capacity provided by XO’s next generation optical network and services, GameRail will be able to further expand the availability and performance of its private nationwide network for serious online gamers. Read the rest of this entry »


Level 3 completes 100 Gigabits per second Internet2 network

June 21, 2007

New Nationwide Network Delivers 100 Gigabits per Second with Ability to Expand
Level 3 Communications’ Business Markets Group today announced that the Internet2 nationwide, dedicated network services backbone is operational. This new 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) network delivers an immediate increase in bandwidth and the capability for future scalability to enable emerging applications for the Internet2 research and education community. The network delivers the underlying optical technology required for Internet2 to dynamically provision multiple 10 Gbps wavelengths. This milestone enables Internet2 to remain on schedule to complete member migration from the existing network to this new backbone by later this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Level 3 delivers fiber optic links to the Library of Congress

June 12, 2007

Level 3 Communications’ Wholesale Markets Group today announced it has delivered fiber optic links to the Library of Congress. Level 3 is providing the underlying infrastructure to the National Audio Visual Conservation Center (NAVCC). The NAVCC supports the preservation and digitization of the national copyright collection of films, television, radio, and recorded sound. Under the terms of the multiple-year agreement, Level 3 has installed and will maintain the connectivity that extends the Library’s Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network. Read the rest of this entry »

Level 3 adds caching and downloading services

May 15, 2007

Level 3 Communications’ Content Markets Group today announced it is launching caching and downloading services as a part of its comprehensive content delivery platform. Level 3 has invested to enhance its content delivery architecture since acquiring key intellectual property and content delivery assets earlier this year. The new architecture enables customers to tap into large-scale server clusters deployed to leverage the scale and reach of the Level 3 backbone, one of the largest in the United States and in Europe. Read the rest of this entry »

Level 3 powers the virtual world of Second Live

May 3, 2007

Level 3 Communications has been selected by Linden Labs – the creators of Second Life – , that company’s rapidly growing 3D virtual world, to provide High Speed Internet Access and Wavelengths via two 10 gigabits per second (GigE) ports, connecting Second Life’s data centers in San Francisco and Dallas. Read the rest of this entry »

Level 3 Enterprise IP Trunking Service

April 20, 2007


The Level 3 Enterprise IP Trunking service provides Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) access for IP PBXs through Level 3 dedicated native IP connections, delivered directly to the enterprise LAN/WAN. The Level 3 Enterprise IP Trunking service is ideal for customers who prefer the simplicity of direct IP access to the PSTN for their IP PBX instead of TDM connections. The service operates on the Level 3 Tier-1 IP backbone, one of the largest and most advanced in the world. Our Enterprise IP Trunking service has diversity and redundancy built into the physical network and the VoIP service infrastructure to enhance reliability and performance. All Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic remains on the Level 3 premium IP backbone until it reaches the PSTN, which helps improve overall service quality and ease problem resolution.

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Level 3 purchases AT&T dark fiber rights

April 4, 2007

Level3 has purchased the rights to use AT&T dark fiber connections, which will allow Level3 to add another 200 ONNET buildings to their list. Read the press release below.

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