75 year old woman has fastest broadband in the world

July 16, 2007

A 75 year old woman from central Sweden has been thrown into the IT history books – with the world’s fastest internet connection. Sigbritt L ├Âthberg’s blistering 40 Gigabits per second connection means she can enjoy 1,500 high definition HDTV channels simultaneously or download a full high definition DVD in just two seconds.

It is a shame that she has never used a computer before. And how would she actually use it? The computer can’t keep up with that speed unless she has some supercomputer with a sophisticated hard drive raid. Fastest hard drive speed is ‘only’ around 3 Gigs per second which is far less than the 40 Gigabits internet connection.

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AT&T Taps Cisco For OC-768 Upgrade

April 24, 2007

AT&T has selected the Cisco CRS-1 router to replace much of the core network gear previously provided by hardware vendor Avici. Simon Zelingher, VP of AT&T Research Labs, recently stated his company will need to upgrade to a 100-Gbit/s backbone by the end of the decade in order to keep up with bandwidth demand driven by video and multimedia applications.

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Verizon tests TelePresence

October 24, 2006

Cisco TelePresence

Verizon business will start testing Cisco’s TelePrecence with customer trials. Cisco’s TelePresence works over IP NGN (Internet Protocol Next Generation). Check the video on this page: link , it is actually a pretty cool system! Also be sure to read this blog post from Scobleizer

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