Internet not meant for IPTV ?

August 14, 2007

“Internet has not been designed for viewing videos” according to Mary Turner from Tiscali in the Financial Times. The British public tv station BBC has received a warning from English broadband carriers that the BBC’s new iPlayer is putting too much strain on their network. The carriers treathen to block iPlayer unless the BBC will start paying for the bandwidth used.

Though streaming videos are not the greatest bandwidth-eaters. According to research by CacheLogic (2007) it is peer-to-peer transfers that are responsible for over 60% of all bandwidth consumption.

Fiber broadband growing strong

July 31, 2007

  The number of wordwide fiber broadband connections is growing quickly. Though worldwide the number of fiber connections is only half of the number of cable-tv connections. ADSL is the most common method of delivering broadband.

 However in 2006 alone Fiber broadband connections have reached a global coverage percentage of 23%. A total of almost 300 million broadband lines were counted in this 2007 research.  And (at Q1 2007) 33 mililion of these were fiber based broadband connections.

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