Verizon Business Provides Rate That Gives Wholesale Customers Greater Ability to Manage Costs

Verizon Business is offering wholesale customers an additional pricing option that provides a detailed breakdown of the rates that are used to calculate the customers’ monthly bills for Verizon Business’ network services.

The new pricing option, Operating Company Number (OCN)-Based Billing, provides rates based on the underlying local exchange carrier (LEC) and geographic region for delivering voice and IP calls over the Verizon Business global network. This enables wholesale customers to better manage costs. 

“Because our wholesale customers come in a range of sophistication and size, we know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to pricing,” said Jim Tyrrell, vice president of voice product management for Verizon. “OCN-Based Billing better equips our wholesale customers to control costs and pinpoint key markets in which to sell their services.”

This new pricing choice applies to Carrier IP Termination SIP, Carrier IP Termination Transport and SIP Gateway Service long-distance calls; U.S. and non-U.S.-based toll-free calls; traditional long-distance calls; and international calls from the U.S.

With the introduction of OCN-Based Billing, Verizon Business wholesale pricing plans now include a range of options such as Transcend pricing, introduced in November 1995 as the first product to unbundle charges for long-distance transport and local exchange carrier charges; postalized Classic pricing; and Access-Based Billing pricing.

Verizon Business, whose predecessor companies entered the wholesale market in 1985, has supported that market with a wide range of products and services as well as specialized tools that offer choice and flexibility.

Wholesale products are sold by Verizon Partner Solutions and Verizon Business International Partner Solutions.

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