Free411 on Skype

Jingle Networks’ 1-800-FREE411 service will now give U.S. Skype users (using Skype 3.5 for Windows) a free directory assistance service without the $2 to $3 fees typically charged by telephone carriers for regular 411 calls.

With over 200 million calls to 1-800-FREE411, Skype users can join the millions of other U.S.-based consumers who are already taking advantage of 1-800-FREE411’s free directory assistance service. Skype users will get the same caller experience that all 1-800-FREE411 callers receive, while also receiving a Skype alert containing the requested phone number, which allows them to click the phone number link and connect directly to the listing via a SkypeOut™ call. Skype users can facilitate easy connection to 1-800-FREE411 by adding “Free411USA” to their Skype contact list.

“Skype is delighted to work with Jingle Networks, as we are both dedicated to providing a great caller experience and saving our users lots of money,” said Scott Miller, director of business development at Skype. “Our users are accustomed to making free phone calls over Skype, and now with the 1-800-FREE411 service, we are able to give them an easy way to get free directory assistance too.”

In addition, Skype will be leveraging 1-800-FREE411 as a new media channel marketing Skype via audio promotions. Skype will be joining tens of thousands of businesses that have chosen 1-800-FREE411 as a powerful medium for reaching consumers in an engaging and clutter-free environment. 1-800-FREE411’s proven advertising supported business model also empowers consumers to not only get the information that they’ve requested, but also choose to respond and connect with another relevant, and perhaps more beneficial, product, service or offer.

“Our relationship with Skype shows how quickly 1-800-FREE411 has become a mainstream directory assistance service and viable marketing medium,” said George Garrick, CEO of Jingle Networks. “Together we bring two revolutionary new communications channels that have become important services for millions of consumers. Our directory assistance network is a proven new media opportunity, as validated by our advertiser success, delivering high quality customers to our diverse advertiser base.”

The 1-800-FREE411/Skype Service is available to all Skype users based in the U.S. using the new Skype 3.5 for Windows software, which is available for download at and Information about advertising on FREE411 can be found on

2 Responses to Free411 on Skype

  1. Daniel says:

    Could you see this being expanded to work on the UK’s range of 118 directory numbers, they are terribly expensive to use since they were privatised. I’m sure UK customers would jump at the chance to make cheaper/free enqiries via skype.

  2. I expect them to move to that and perhaps other markets within a year.

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