Megapath expands bonded T1 footprint

MegaPath announced the expansion of its Bonded T1 service to provide the largest coverage in the United States.  The MegaPath Bonded T1 service combines two T1 lines to deliver 3 Megabits per second (Mbps).

“MegaPath’s goal is to ensure that all businesses can afford the high-speed Internet access services required to support their leading-edge applications and gain competitive advantages,” said Beth Tyebjee, SVP of Marketing at MegaPath. “The MegaPath Bonded T1 service is ideal for fast growing small-to-medium size businesses that require increased performance for supporting their critical applications without the expense of enterprise class infrastructure investments or the complexity of supporting separate T1 lines.”

The MegaPath Bonded T1 service enables small-to-medium sized businesses to save money and enjoy superior performance over regular T1 lines. This is because the service only requires a single router, which makes it easier to connect to their Local Area Network (LAN) and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Plus, with the MegaPath Bonded T1 service, customers get the full 3 Mbps of throughput for a given session whereas with individual T1s the data transmission for a given session, like an FTP transfer or website download, is limited to the capacity of a single T1 circuit. 

Businesses today are utilizing their Internet T1 circuits for more bandwidth intensive applications, which is driving demand for Bonded T1 services. Some of the applications and network uses that are behind this growing trend are as follows:

  • Enterprise applications, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that are centralized and require branch offices to have adequate bandwidth to support distributed users
  • Collaborative applications, like videoconferencing, telemedicine, e-learning, that require high bandwidth at all locations
  • Applications that are being designed for web access and encrypted to reduce client software costs (i.e., SAAS) that place additional bandwidth requirements at the user locations
  • Increased use of Intranets, and web sites in general, by office workers consumes bandwidth due to graphics and dynamic web content
  • The increased reliance on outsourcing requires greater email communications which also drives bandwidth usage
  • The need to comply with industry regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and PCI increases data transfer requirements

In addition to its own local access facilities, MegaPath’s Bonded T1 service leverages the ‘last mile’ facilities of various other Incumbent and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs/CLECs) to maximize its coverage area.  In doing so, MegaPath can deliver this service to more businesses nationwide than any other Managed IP Service Provider in the U.S.

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