UltraBroadband Conference

The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) is hosting The Third International Conference on Ultrabroadband Networks, to be held June 22, 2006 at Columbia University.

As computing power increases exponentially, so too have the connection speeds through which we access the Internet and our own personal networks, both in the office as well as in the home.

With broadband penetration progressing rapidly, one must think ahead to the next stage, where broadband transmission rates of over 1Gbps on the consumer level will likely be the driver of major changes in information and communications technology (ICT), mass media, and consumer electronics.

To advance the understanding of the issues, the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information will host an international conference, with the participation of academics, industry, and users.  The conference will bring together researchers to address the various aspects of ultrabroadband network technologies, strategies, trials, applications, and policies.

The topics that will be covered are the following:

·      User supplied content and P2P Ultrabroadband
·      Enablers and obstacles of the Ultrabroadband deployment
·      The wireless impact on the Ultrabroadband Media Cloud
·      Media firms strategies
·      Impact on Consumers
·      The role of the government and new policies

For a full conference agenda, please navigate to http://www.citi.columbia.edu/events/ultrabb3.htm or contact CITI’s Assistant Director, John Heywood (request contact information through our contact form). To register directly, go to http://www.ersvp.com/r/ultra3.

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