Qwest 411 – outstanding results

Qwest announced its sixth consecutive ranking as the top performer in the local telecommunications carrier segment for directory-assistance services, according to the Paisley National Directory Assistance Performance Index (SM). Qwest also received overall top industry honors for directory-assistance speech recognition and lagniappe customer service (the Paisley Index hallmark of a perfectly handled call).

The Paisley Index measures customer call fulfillment, database accuracy and overall customer service of national directory-assistance providers. Qwest’s high scores in key competencies, including the lagniappe customer care – a measurement of outstanding customer service, accuracy and fulfillment – contributed to the company’s outstanding results.

“Qwest directory assistance handles hundreds of thousands of calls daily, and receiving top-honors in the Paisley Index is a true testament to Qwest’s outstanding customer service,” said Clark Conniff, director of operator and information services. “In the 30 seconds directory-assistance customers interact with our agents or an automated system, Qwest is committed to providing a positive experience with accurate information.”

The Paisley Index is the premier customer satisfaction survey in the directory assistance industry and can be compared to other industry-leading customer service recognition programs. Twice yearly, the Paisley Index compares Qwest to other major providers, including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

I don’t believe free directory assistance like 1800-free411 has been included in this index.

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