Covad launches Bonded T1

Covad has launched a Bonded T1 service for small businesses and distributed enterprises. Covad only offers 2xT1 bonded, so that would give a speed of 3Mbps.  Covad bonded T1  is available nationwide throughout the same footprint as Covad’s standard T1 service.


“With the launch of Bonded T1, Covad enhances its ability to provide mission critical bandwidth to meet the demands of businesses running new and advanced applications,” said Eric Weiss, Covad chief marketing officer.

“With Bonded T1, Covad customers enjoy lower costs, faster data speeds, and simpler installation and maintenance than they do with separate T1 lines. We also provide 24×7, dedicated support to ensure a superior customer experience.”

Atlanta-based Post Properties is a current Covad T1 customer requiring more bandwidth to conduct its business. “We have been a Covad customer for six years and wanted to augment our T1 service in order to run more complex applications,” said Bill Nesmith, IT Manager for Post Properties. “These applications support essential business functions, such as: forecasting and budgeting, accounts payable, lease tracking, and running virtual tours of properties over our Website. We are upgrading our service to Bonded T1 and look forward to continuing our relationship with Covad.”

In addition to providing increased bandwidth performance, Covad Bonded T1 also offers small businesses the opportunity to save money by reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their data communications. For example, a typical small business customer with 40 employees working in a single location can reduce its TCO by over 20 percent by purchasing a Covad Bonded T1 instead of just adding another single T1. With the introduction of Bonded T1, Covad also continues to be the ‘easy to do business with’ provider, enabling customers to reduce administrative and technical expenses, and retain a simple infrastructure with one set of IP addresses, one Internet access point, and one network firewall.

Companies are increasingly turning to higher bandwidth services to meet their business needs, according to industry research firm In-Stat. “Covad’s launch of Bonded T1 demonstrates its understanding of the evolving needs of the small business communications market, where the company is among the leaders in competitive solutions,” said David Lemelin, In-Stat senior analyst.

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