Covad Recognized with California Innovation Award

Covad has been recognized as one of 15 Innovation All-Stars by California Tech 100 Partners and the Governor’s Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth.


Covad was presented with the award at the California Tech 100 conference, on April 25, in Irvine, California. Presenting the award was Mark Mosher, Executive Director of the California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth, and Duane
Roth, Commission member and Chairman of Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp.

“Covad continues to be a leading provider of innovative voice, data and wireless solutions for small and medium businesses, distributed enterprises and leading telecommunications partners,” said Charles Hoffman, Covad president and CEO. “Receiving this award is a great honor and highlights our commitment to ensuring that our customers have the best choice in communications.”

Covad was recognized for its commitment to providing California businesses with high-quality communications solutions. Covad has provided broadband service to California homes and businesses for over 10 years. The company recently completed the build-out of its next-generation broadband network in eleven major cities nationwide, including Los Angeles, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area, which will allow businesses in these markets to choose advanced services such as Line- Powered Voice Access, Bonded T1 and ADSL2+.
Covad also operates California’s largest fixed broadband wireless network, with service throughout the San Francisco
Bay Area and southern California from Santa Barbara to Orange County.

“We believe innovation and entrepreneurship are the drivers of economic growth in California,” added Mark Mosher, Executive Director for the California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth, a nonprofit corporation whose members are chosen by the Governor to advise him on how to expand jobs and economic growth in the state. “These Innovation All-Stars are models for our state.”

Covad remains one of the few telecom service providers based in Silicon Valley.


Compare Covad’s pricing with other vendors here

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