Covad receives ‘Customer First’ award

Covad has received the “Customer First” award from NeuStar, Inc.

“Covad is being recognized this year for putting its customers first and continuing to automate its provisioning and ordering functionality,” said John Malone, NeuStar senior vice president, Sales and Business Development. “As a valued partner, we applaud Covad’s focus on achieving technical excellence and its vision in creating an
excellent customer experience.”

I [editor of this page] would have to personally say that our customers have been impressed with Covad’s provisioning and customer service so I can second that award. See if your location can be reached by Covad here: covad T1 line

The “Customer First” Award recognizes NeuStar customers who have focused on,
and successfully packaged and delivered telecommunication and IP services utilizing
NeuStar services – services that in turn enable their customers to succeed.
“Customers choose Covad because we are increasingly easy to do business with
compared to other providers,” said Brett Flinchum, senior vice president of customer
operations for Covad. “We are honored to be recognized by NeuStar for the
advancements we have made in improving our provisioning and ordering processes
and we look forward to continuing to delight our customers.”
As one of NeuStar’s first customers, Covad has continued to leverage this
partnership to enhance the customer experience, automating its systems to scale
with growing demand. The company now has one of the most advanced ordering,
provisioning and trouble ticketing processes in the telecommunications industry.
Covad is able to communicate seamlessly across its supply chain and ensure speedy
customer installations and rapid responses to customer issues.

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