Doubles Business in 2006

DRAPER, Utah – January 1, 2007 – ShopforT1, a master agency wholly owned by Telarus Inc and provider of real-time T1 price quoting through it’s patent-pending GeoQuote technology, today announced that it had doubled its book of business in under one year from $1M to $2M in total monthly billing.

“It’s hard to believe it took just one year to double our book of business” commented Adam Edwards, president and CEO of Telarus, Inc. He continued, “The one million dollar mark was certainly a huge milestone that took over three years to attain. Now, in just under one year, we’re up to two million. This accomplishment proves without a doubt that our planning, our strategy, our technology, and more of all, our people have proven themselves to be the best in the industry.”

Telarus recently launched, a real-time network integrator and value added reseller (VAR) search engine, in July 2006. Since then over 1,000 VARs have signed up to receive the leads that generates.

“The one million dollar mark was great because it validated our business model” added Patrick Oborn, CIO of Telarus, Inc. “However, we had to think smarter and work harder in order to reach the second million so quickly. One of the major successes of 2006 has been the VAR program, in which we are wooing away VARs in droves with telecom equipment leads and in return they are sending us T1 business that used to go to other master agencies. By figuring out a way to reciprocate leads with VARs we plan to be working direct with most major equipment companies in under one year. Three million won’t be far behind now with the help of our new allies.”

Telarus was founded in 2002 by Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn, who came up with the concept of reciprocating telecom equipment leads to VARs while driving their moving truck from San Clemente, California to their new headquarters in Draper, Utah. “Every time we asked a VAR for telecom leads” continued Edwards “they would ask us for leads which we didn’t have. The desire to want something in return was logical, understandable, but at the time, impossible. We have now changed that equation.” The company now has 15 employees, 1000 independent sales consultants, 2000 VAR partners, 45,000 online lead affiliates (otherwise known as publishers), and a United States Patent on GeoQuote – its real-time price quote generation software. The company continues to fund its growth through internal operations and re-investment without outside investors or venture capitalists.

“Being able to make decisions quickly without the need to consult with outsiders has played a major role in our success. When we came up with the VAR Program, our agents were able to take our initial concept and really run with it. What you see today is a system comprised of mostly their ideas.” continued Edwards. “Not having to seek approval from investors or outside board members allowed us to put this program together in under six months of heavy development time. With ShopforT1 and VARNetwork firing on all cylinders, $3,000,000 shouldn’t be too far off.” att

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