Qwest gets big Idaho state contract

Qwest has signed a 3 million dollar contract with the state of Idaho providing long distance service.

qwest_logo.gifQwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced it has signed an agreement valued at approximately $3 million with the state of Idaho to provide long-distance services over three years, with two one-year renewals. With Qwest services, the state of Idaho will be able provide its constituents with quality service at a reasonable price. Qwest will be providing long-distance services, including toll-free solutions and calling card services.

“Qwest has provided the state with quality local voice services for more than 100 years, and we are excited to now extend the relationship to provide long-distance services as well,” said Tom Richards, executive vice president, Qwest business markets group. “Qwest is a leader in providing voice and data services to state and local governments, with more than 10,000 states, cities, counties and schools nationwide using Qwest services. We continue to be a reliable provider for their important communications needs.”

Qwest is dedicated to providing services to the public sector and has sales and support channels specifically designed to meet the needs of government and education customers. With more than 100 years of experience delivering a comprehensive range of services-from traditional voice services to high-performance voice, data and IP solutions-Qwest has the experience and capabilities to help government organizations nationwide achieve current and future goals.

“Qwest is very pleased to have won this opportunity to provide our services to the state of Idaho,” said Jim Schmit, Qwest’s president for Idaho. “State agencies will receive state-of-the-art service from Qwest, and residents will get the best value for their tax dollars,” Schmit said.

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