Missoula plan documents

Here is an overview of documents found regarding the Missoula Plan for intercarrier compensation:

  • Posts on this site regarding Missoula Plan: link
  • Original filed plan:link
  • Comments on Mossoula Plan by supporters: link and link
  • Public notice to file comments: link
  • Commisioner briefing (good overview) from the National Regulatory Research institute: link
  • Missoula Plan workshop Illenois: link doc1 doc2
  • ATT Missoula plan presentation (powerpoint): link
  • Time Warner Telecom Missoula plan presentation (powerpoint): link
  • Illinois Attorney General: link
  • Comcast presentation: link
  • Level3 presentation: link
  • GVNW presentation: link

We try to keep this page updated so bookmark for reference. Leave a comment if you have more sources to share.

last update: oct 16th,2006

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