Verizon Business Upgrading Massachusetts Lottery Network

Verizon Business announced today it has begun work with the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission to upgrade its data communications network.

Verizon business

Under a multimillion-dollar contract, Verizon Business will transition the Lottery’s network from the current private-line digital data system (DDS) connecting 8,300 sales terminals to an Internet protocol (IP) over frame-relay network. The upgraded network will provide the capability for IP conversion, encryption and simplified network management while allowing for future upgrades to IP-enabled, retail terminals that will lead the way for new games.

“This upgrade will give the Massachusetts Lottery room to innovate and to grow,” said Alex Coleman, group president for Verizon Business’ government and education organization. “Converting to an even more reliable, robust and efficient IP network will produce greater returns on the commission’s investment while enabling the introduction of cutting-edge games.”

Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill, who chairs the Lottery commission, said: “This upgrade is important to our 7,500 retail sales agents. I am thankful to the state Legislature for funding this project, which will improve Lottery operations statewide.”

Verizon Business will install routers provided by Cisco Systems Inc. and Encore Networks to provide the latest IP-migration capabilities. Verizon Credit Inc. provided financing services for the equipment in the transaction.

Verizon through its predecessor companies has provided DDS service to the Massachusetts Lottery since 1990.

The Massachusetts State Lottery was established by the Legislature in 1971 to raise revenues that are distributed to the 351 cities and towns of commonwealth. The Lottery returned more than $951 million to Massachusetts municipalities in fiscal year 2006.

“The Lottery is always reviewing operations and improvements that we need to make in order to become a more efficient, effective business enterprise,” said Joseph C. Sullivan, executive director of the Massachusetts State Lottery. “This communication upgrade with Verizon will help in achieving that goal by allowing us to deliver a better product to our consumers.”

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