New Edge ReadyOffice introduced

Eyeing the trend for increasing numbers of mobile and remote workers, New Edge Networks has introduced a remote access solution that enables workers to get fast and secure global access to their private corporate networks.

Called ReadyOffice, New Edge Networks’ remote access solution eliminates both the up-front capital outlay for a hardware appliance as well as the additional strain on IT support for initial setup and ongoing management. Businesses simply download the network connector software, define internal access policies, and provide the service to their employees in as little as 36 to 48 hours.

“ReadyOffice completes the full network picture, enabling businesses to get a full suite of easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, and secure network connection solutions from a single provider,” said Greg Griffiths, vice president of marketing for New Edge Networks. “Our solution is essentially turnkey and can be turned up much more quickly and less expensively than an appliance solution.

“With ReadyOffice, we can now take care of the smallest customer with the most basic remote access needs, or the largest, national customer requiring a fully meshed data network for VoIP, and a traveling sales force of thousands,” Griffiths said. “Our customers have asked for a robust suite of products, and with ReadyOffice we’ve delivered.”

ReadyOffice enables Web-based provisioning and installation with a choice of access types such as client, SSL browser, or remote desktop. With a login name and password or authentication device, for example, traveling employees could access their corporate files, email, and other business applications inside the firewall from any Internet-connected PC or Internet café anywhere.

ReadyOffice from New Edge Networks also features centralized, browser-based real-time policy management and control, eliminating the need for IT staff design and management. The solution is scalable to permit any number of authorized users.

Workers have round-the-clock access to tech support and help desk through a toll-free number.

Overland Park, Kansas-based Positive Networks Inc. powers the ReadyOffice engine for New Edge Networks.


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