Jim Provan new VP of Information Technology at NetworkInnovations

Network Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Provan as its Vice President of Information Technology. 

“The key to our competitiveness is our operations support systems including NIQuote, NIVision and NI Portal,” said Rick Stern, Chief Executive Officer of Network Innovations.  “Jim is the right person to manage the further development and continuing customer rollout of these productivity enhancing tools and we are very pleased to have him on board.”

Jim Provan is a 35 year veteran in Information Technology and Data Communications. With in-depth experience in “big iron”, personal computers, local and wide area networking, and the development of applications as well as implementation of new technologies, Jim is a key addition to the Network Innovations team for both internal and customer facing applications and offerings.  Mr. Provan’s background includes consulting, entrepreneurship, and helping businesses grow and prosper.  Prior to joining Network Innovations he was Vice President of Customer Engineering of Win4Lin, Inc of Austin, Texas.

Network Innovations is led by a dynamic team of telecommunications industry veterans that differentiates itself from the competition through innovative customer support systems and a commitment to customer care.   Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco and Houston, Network Innovations has earned a reputation for excellence by providing its customers with innovative and competitively-priced network solutions since 1997.  Network Innovations’ extensive product and service offerings solutions are cost effective while safeguarding its customer’s network investments.  For more information, visit its website at http://www.nitelecom.com  


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