New Qwest Local Services Platform

Qwest  today announced a new wholesale offering, called Qwest Local Services Platform, which gives wholesale customers a new choice for market-based pricing on local exchange services. This new plan offers a finished service combination of local switching services, local switching features (e.g. Call Waiting) and shared transport of local traffic at a competitive commercial rate. The functional and operational equivalent of previous products, Qwest Local Services Platform supports continuity and ease of operation for Qwest’s wholesale customers into 2011.

Qwest Local Services Platform gives competitive discount pricing for certain volume growth and retention targets. Wholesale customers with increasing volumes on a year-over-year basis will especially benefit from this new offering. Qwest Local Services Platform is a feature-rich local exchange service that allows Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to offer businesses and consumers the features, fast provisioning and quality of service that customers have come to expect.

“Qwest is the first major telecommunications company to enhance its platform of commercially negotiated offerings for CLEC customers with aggressive growth and retention incentives,” said Roland Thornton, Qwest executive vice president, wholesale markets. “Qwest is the leader in facilitating competition and negotiating commercial agreements with CLECs, and we are pleased that companies, without any regulatory assistance, can work out a deal that benefits even more customers.”

Qwest has offered this service to all interested CLECs and has already executed a deal with Granite Telecommunications.

“Granite is very pleased to have reached a Qwest Local Service Platform agreement with Qwest,” said Robert Hale, chief executive officer of Granite Telecommunications. “We’re confident that Qwest Local Services Platform will provide us with the products, features and pricing required to grow our base of over 9,500 corporate clients in 155,000 locations into 2011.”

Qwest wholesale markets group is responsible for the sales, service, carrier relations and operations of voice, data and Internet solutions for Qwest’s wholesale business serving competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), and other wholesale customers. The group includes more than 1,000 employees who interact daily with Qwest customers and is responsible for more than $3 billion of Qwest’s annual revenue. For more information about Qwest’s wholesale services, please visit

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