AT&T closes $22 million contract with Indiana

AT&T Inc. today announced a new contract with the state of Indiana for a suite of voice, data and networking services worth approximately $22 million over four years.

Under the terms of the contract, AT&T will expand its existing relationship with the state of Indiana by delivering a Dedicated Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) ring, which is an optical-fiber network backbone; GigaMAN® service, which is a dedicated fiber-optic Ethernet service; Managed Internet Service (MIS); AT&T Frame Relay service; and AT&T Managed Care, which provides Lifecycle Management of the entire solution.

Together, these services will provide a statewide, cost-efficient, and managed communications network that encompasses the secure transport of voice, video and data. This contract will enable the state of Indiana to coordinate and manage the deployment of services to all state branch locations through a single, integrated network.

The unified network, which aligns with AT&T’s convergence strategy, will also help improve state agency and employee communications. In addition, AT&T will support the management and maintenance of the services for improved customer service and cost control.

“We needed a single, cost-effective solution to support our voice- and data-networking needs and to help us operate more efficiently,” said Gerry Weaver, chief technology officer, state of Indiana. “We’re confident that AT&T is capable of delivering the right solution to meet all of our communications and networking needs here and across the state.”


One Response to AT&T closes $22 million contract with Indiana

  1. Mariea Baker says:

    I’m pleased to hear that ATT is going to manage Indiana’s networking system and I’m desperate for your assistance ASAP. I live in a rural IN area & I’m unable to get highspeed broadband from any sorce. According to Insights web page they will provide service; but when I call to order they’ve informed me that they do not service this area & the web page is at error. When we moved to this area 10 years ago there was a fiber optic line run along the frontage of our property and it has never been used.
    Mariea Baker

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