Broadwing Exclusive Provider for GameRail

broadwing.jpgBroadwing and St. Louis, Mo., Progression Networks, dba GameRail, today announced that the companies have completed definitive agreements for the implementation of a nationwide fiber-based backbone network for GameRail subscribers to access their preferred “on-net” online game hosts.GameRail’s innovative approach to improving online gaming, powered by Broadwing’s leading-edge optical backbone, will accelerate transport speeds and will dramatically improve performance for serious online gamers. GameRail will purchase several 100Mb Ethernet Private Line circuits from Broadwing over the course of a 36-month contract that allows them to add additional Ethernet-capable cities as needed.

Online, multiplayer computer gaming is one of the fastest-growing entertainment activities in the U.S., with more than 40 million people now playing regularly. GameRail will introduce the first network designed to meet the speed and quality needs of online gaming. Subscribers to the GameRail network will increase players’ competitive edge with direct fiber optic backbone transit to their “on-net” game host’s servers.

Broadwing’s leading-edge optical core network minimizes reliance on optical-to-electronic-to-optical (OEO) regeneration equipment and increases bandwidth capabilities and performance. In addition, Broadwing has been at the forefront of Ethernet over SONET deployment since implementing the industry’s first coast-to-coast GigE Ethernet Private Line in 2001 and has continued to expand its offerings with the introduction of Ethernet access to dedicated IP, point-to-multipoint VPLS, and Ethernet access to DTM Media solutions. The complete Ethernet private line network solution Broadwing developed for GameRail is further enhanced with an optical hand-off to GameRail’s deployment of high availability Extreme Network switches which deliver packets at line speed with non-blocking hardware and exceptional Quality of Service (QoS).

Online gamers today navigate congested networks based on the public Internet, supporting geographically diverse players and game hosts via disparate providers. Present Internet-based game play experience is further degraded by a lack of priority routing. GameRail subscribers are able to access GameRail’s bypass network through a partner access provider that has a local interconnection. The subscriber’s game play packets then bypass the multi-hop, high-latency Internet and hot route on Broadwing’s dedicated, national broadband network connected to the game host.

“We have been impressed with the Broadwing team and every discipline represented with engineering and delivering this network,” said Blake Ashby, GameRail’s president. “The knowledge base, professionalism and executive involvement made Broadwing stand head and shoulders above the competition. They are meeting or exceeding due dates in a very aggressive roll-out.”

“Broadwing’s network architecture perfectly suits GameRail’s stated needs and the demands of the online gaming community,” said Scott Widham, president of corporate development for Broadwing. “GameRail represents a significant entry into the fast-growing online gaming industry.”

About Broadwing Corporation

Broadwing Corporation (NASDAQ:BWNG), through its consolidated subsidiary Broadwing Communications, LLC (Broadwing) delivers innovative data, voice, and media solutions to enterprises and service providers. Enabled by its leading-edge optical network and award-winning products and services, Broadwing Communications provides communications solutions with unparalleled customer focus and speed. For more information, visit

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Investor Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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About GameRail

Progression Networks, dba GameRail, a Missouri LLC, is a facilities-based network operator that is dedicated to delivering superior performance to the online gaming community. GameRail directly connects game players to their favorite game hosts and vice versa, thereby eliminating game play degrading high-latency hops on the Internet. GameRail management is an accomplished, multi-disciplined, tenured team with operational experience stemming from ISP, CLEC, Gaming, and Web Hosting industries with engineering, financial, customer support, sales and marketing backgrounds. The GameRail network will revolutionize online game play and seeks interested partners and players.

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