Qwest OneFlex(r) IP Long Distance

qwestQwest today announced that it has expanded its suite of Internet telephony products available to business customers. With the new Qwest OneFlex(r) IP Long Distance and Qwest OneFlex(r) IP Toll Free products, business customers can now combine the cost-effectiveness of IP transport with the traditional accessibility of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The products provide great customer benefit by allowing them to receive toll-free calls and make domestic and international calls with their IP service.

“IP telephony products provide great benefit for business customers, including cost savings and operational efficiencies,” said Eric Bozich, vice president of product management at Qwest. “With the introduction of these enhanced features, Qwest OneFlex gives customers new ways to run their businesses more effectively.”

Qwest OneFlex IP Long Distance is a solution that allows the termination of IP voice traffic to the PSTN. Qwest OneFlex IP Toll Free takes inbound 8XX PSTN-originated calls, routes them to the customer and hands them off in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) format. Customers can access both products via the Qwest IP network or through the public Internet.

Qwest OneFlex IP Long Distance is offered wherever Qwest Domestic and International Voice is available; Qwest OneFlex IP Toll Free is offered wherever Qwest Domestic Voice is available. Both products are sold as part of the Qwest Total Advantage and Qwest Loyal Advantage programs.

Qwest is a major long-distance, toll-free and Voice over Internet Protocol provider and has been routing long-distance and toll-free traffic in IP since 2001. Qwest currently carries more than 4 billion minutes of use per month across the Qwest IP backbone.

Get Qwest OneFlex IP price quote here 


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