Qwest Plan Latino

qwest_logo.gifQwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) today announced the introduction of Qwest(r) Plan Latino, a long-distance calling plan with reduced rates to Mexico and Latin American countries. The plan includes a flat rate of just seven cents-per-minute to Mexico. Qwest Plan Latino customers pay just $5.99 per month for the plan, and when users also have a qualifying Qwest local service (home phone) package, they receive a $5 discount that reduces the monthly recurring charge to just $0.99.“Qwest is excited to introduce Plan Latino and help customers stay connected to friends and family across Mexico and Latin America,” said Hector Placencia, director of Hispanic marketing at Qwest. “With the bundle discount, customers pay less than a dollar a month for the plan, and they get the convenience of one bill, making Qwest Plan Latino the best plan available for calling these countries.”

Qwest Plan Latino can be added to any domestic Qwest Long Distance plan; the Qwest 10 Cent Domestic for International Plan is among the choices available and offers 10 cents-per-minute calling to anywhere within the U.S. with no additional monthly recurring charge.

The introduction of Qwest Plan Latino comes just weeks after Qwest announced the launch of Qwest TV Latino, the largest available package of all-digital Hispanic TV programming. The service is available wherever Qwest ChoiceTM TV is offered. Both Qwest Plan Latino and Qwest TV Latino demonstrate Qwest’s commitment to serving the important Hispanic market segment.

With Qwest, customers can bundle and save to receive digital voice (local and long-distance) service, High-Speed Internet, TV and wireless services. For more information about Qwest Plan Latino and other long-distance calling options, visit www.qwest.com or call 1 800-244-1111 (English) or 1 800-564-1121 (Spanish).

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