AT&T teleconferencing services

att_header_logo.gifT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) today announced a multi-year contract for a suite of teleconferencing services for Metavante Corporation, a leading provider of banking and payments technology for financial services firms and businesses worldwide. Metavante® is a subsidiary of Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (NYSE: MI).The new contract builds on a long-term relationship between the companies in which AT&T is providing a global networking solution that includes local-access, private-line and long-distance services, as well as IP-enabled high-speed data services and global Internet access.

Metavante, which offers data-management services to more than 8,200 clients, uses AT&T’s high-speed network to support a wide variety of financial services including posting transactions and generating monthly statements, as well as data storage, online teller applications, electronic check-image exchange and electronic bill payment.

The addition of teleconferencing services will enable the company to give its remote workers a cost-effective way to collaborate on projects for their various banking customers around the world.

“Adding teleconferencing capabilities to our mix of services is a logical extension of our current networking platform and will enable our financial services experts, account managers and design engineers to cost-effectively collaborate from anywhere in the world,” said Brian Hurdis, senior executive vice president and chief information officer of Metavante. “We’re continuing to work with AT&T and use its technology expertise to provide the highest-quality support and service to our customer base.”

Metavante monitors the performance of its network and applications through the secure AT&T customer portal, AT&T BusinessDirect®, which provides operational efficiencies including around-the-clock online access to real-time reports on network performance and direct connection to trouble management systems. In addition, Metavante uses the portal to manage massive amounts of network data for its clients, troubleshoot potential problems for them and efficiently resolve any issues.

For the second consecutive year, Yankee Group recently named AT&T BusinessDirect the best enterprise customer portal for providing customers with the strongest online support and services experience in the industry (Source: Yankee Group, Business E-Portals Continue to Evolve to Meet Enterprise Customer Needs, April 2006).


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