XO Inter-City Fiber Optic Network

logo_xo.gifXO Communications today announced that it is now carrying customer traffic on major segments of its new, wholly-owned next generation nationwide long haul inter-city fiber optic network. As announced earlier this year, XO is upgrading its long haul network by deploying the Infinera DTN optical system, the industry’s most advanced digital fiber optic technology, across its wholly-owned nationwide fiber assets. The upgrade will allow XO to more than double network capacity and enable XO to offer a broader range of higher-speed data transport services to meet the increased bandwidth demands of content providers, enterprises and service providers.

XO’s upgrade will initially deliver 100 Gbps (10 x OC-192) of capacity and sets the stage for a ten-fold capacity increase up to 400 Gbps (40 x OC-192) between any two cities on the XO inter-city network. The increased capacity will enable XO to deliver 10 Gbps high speed transport services. In addition, with the deployment of digital optics technology, XO will be able to provision or upgrade customer circuits in a matter of hours versus days.

“The deployment of this upgraded network marks the first step in creating one of the industry’s most advanced digital optical networks,” said Ernie Ortega, president of Carrier Sales at XO Communications. “In addition to making our network more efficient, the technology we are deploying will vastly increase our ability to meet rising demand for high-capacity transport services from content providers and service providers, and the cost advantages of our new network will help improve our competitive position in the marketplace.”

With its nationwide long haul fiber network and extensive metro fiber networks, XO is uniquely positioned to offer data and transport services that provide door-to-door delivery of customer traffic. XO’s upgraded inter-city fiber network connects to more than 1 million fiber miles of XO metro fiber in 37 cities across the United States.

• Increases Core Network Transport Capacity to 100 Gbps (10 x OC-192)
• Allows XO to Deliver 10 Gbps High Speed Transport Services
• Advanced Digital Technology Speeds the Provisioning of Services


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