Charrette Builds New, Efficient Communications Network with AT&T

att_header_logo.gifAT&T Inc. today announced that it has completed the build-out of a new voice and data network for Charrette LLC, the largest digital format equipment and supplies provider in the United States. The network connects the company's 400 employees who work in numerous locations from coast to coast. AT&T won the three-year contract after a competitive process, extending AT&T's long-standing relationship with Charrette.

AT&T converged Charrette's voice and data onto a single Enhanced Virtual Private Network (EVPN). Using advanced Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, AT&T's network integrates the company's 18 corporate locations under one common IP-based architecture. As a result, Charrette will benefit from improved employee-to-employee communications nationwide, enhanced ease of use and increased network security. Known for its innovations and solid growth, Charrette was looking for a solution with immediate benefits, as well as the flexibility and foundation for future deployment of advanced applications, such as Voice over IP.

"We have already started to see a significant increase in productivity because of the inherent ease-of-use of AT&T's solutions," said John Piasecki, Charrette's director of information technology. "We were also very pleased with the implementation process as well as the fact that the out-of-the-box AT&T technology solution provides us with all-important redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities."


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