Interlink Global Selects XO VoIP

logo_xo.gifInterlink Global Corp. (OTC:ILKG) today announced that it has selected XO Communications to support the delivery of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services from Interlink Global Corp. to its US customer base.

By using XO's wholesale VoIP services, Interlink Global will be able to provide its customers even higher levels of service and performance. Interlink Global is leveraging the XO infrastructure and IP transport services to deliver VoIP services to business and residential customers in markets across the United States, previously not served by InterLink Global. XO's wholesale services will also be used to support "NetTalk," Interlink Global's recently launched point to point and multiparty video phone service for home and business customers. Interlink Global provides the full range of VoIP solutions to consumers, businesses, resellers and wholesale customers.

Anastasios Kyriakides Chairman and CEO of Interlink stated:"

We at Interlink are quite pleased to team up with a company like XO Communications. They have the high quality terminations available to further enhance the level of service that our customers currently enjoy. With XO in our camp we can continue to deliver the highest QOS as our client rolls increase due to the diversity and fast rollout of new products, such as NetTalk and Streaming Video."

"We are pleased that Interlink Global has selected XO Communications to support the delivery of their VoIP services nationwide," said Ernie Ortega, president of carrier services at XO Communications. "With our robust nationwide IP network and wholesale VoIP solutions, XO is well positioned to support next generation telephony providers like Interlink Global to cost-effectively deliver services, enter new markets and meet the demands of increased voice traffic."


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