Launch of Dynamic T integrated VoIP

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uslec.gifUS LEC Corp. (Nasdaq: CLEC), a full-service provider of IP, data and voice solutions to businesses and enterprise organizations throughout the Eastern United States, today announced the launch of its Dynamic T integrated VoIP and Internet solution to the West Palm Beach, Fla. market and surrounding areas. Complementing the January introduction of Dynamic T in Miami, the business-class VoIP service is now available to businesses throughout Southeast Florida. In addition to Miami and West Palm Beach, Dynamic T is also available in the cities of Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Deerfield, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Pierce, Hollywood, Jupiter, Pompano and Vero Beach.

“US LEC continues to deploy business-class VoIP services like Dynamic T to meet a growing demand for the flexibility and productivity gains businesses realize through an integrated Internet and voice VoIP solution,” said Andy Drotleff, regional vice president for US LEC. “Businesses with mobile workforces or that work in a fluid business climate will find US LEC’s Dynamic T an effective, adaptable solution.”

Dynamic T data and voice traffic travels exclusively on the US LEC network ensuring call quality and reliability identical to traditional voice services, including 911 capabilities. US LEC offers QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees that ensure carrier-grade quality. Additionally, all traffic undergoes dynamic allocation, the process of prioritizing traffic into classes that allows the most important traffic priority over other applications. This allows priority applications, such as voice, guaranteed delivery over non-priority traffic and delivers carrier-grade call quality and clarity. As voice traffic decreases, Internet and other remaining traffic utilizes available bandwidth ensuring businesses get the most from their bandwidth investment.

US LEC’s Dynamic T offers a broad range of features that allow businesses to custom-tailor their solutions, which include:

  • Dynamic T SIP – Utilizes the emerging carrier IP phone standard, SIP (Session Initiated Protocol), converting voice into IP traffic via software. Dynamic T SIP provides next-generation VoIP services through the IP/PBX today and eliminates the need for expensive hardware or hardware upgrades, “future proofing” business communications and justifying the IP/PBX investment.
  • BIGVoiceSM – Allows businesses to break through the traditional limitations of 24 voice channels over a 1.5 Mbs T1 and may reduce the number of local loops required for voice traffic, creating cost savings for voice calls.
  • BIGDataSM – Provides scalable high-bandwidth Internet and networking services for businesses who require 3 Mbs to 600 Mbs of bandwidth, but want VoIP functionality and ability to buy bandwidth incrementally.
  • Voice Messaging and Mobility Pak – Provides the mobility and voice messaging services users expect from VoIP, allowing users to dictate preferences based on any combination of caller importance, call time, call location or user availability, including Find-Me Follow-Me call functionality and voice mail delivery by e-mail.

The addition of Dynamic T to West Palm Beach now extends business-class VoIP service throughout South Florida, including Miami. US LEC now offers Dynamic T in 10 switching centers including Atlanta, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Fla., Miami, New York, Orlando, Fla., Philadelphia, Tampa, Fla. Washington, D.C. and West Palm Beach, Fla.

Click here for a Dynamic T 1 price quote.

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