AT&T Builds Companywide Network at Koji Center

att_header_logo.gifTOKYO, — AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) announced today that it has provided a companywide network to Koji Center Co., Ltd. in Japan. Koji Center is a supplier of comprehensive moving services, including transferring and installing home appliances, designing and installing electric and air-conditioning facilities, repairing household goods, offering home security services, and recycling services.

AT&T implemented a wide area Ethernet network for data traffic that links 15 locations, including Koji Center's headquarters in Osaka and branch offices across Japan. A broadband VPN is used to connect seven sales offices. For voice services, AT&T also implemented IP telephony services using a broadband VPN.

Since its foundation, Koji Center has reinforced its network as its business has expanded. In order to further expand business and achieve operational efficiency in the future, Koji Center needed a new network that would address the following:

  • Leveraging existing network assets effectively to substantially reduce costs of implementing a new network
  • Enhancing fault tolerance by providing redundancy in the configuration of the headquarters' network
  • Enhancing security levels for communication between the headquarters and branch offices
  • Reducing communications costs among all locations

AT&T addressed these issues by proposing a low-cost Ethernet network, employing a closed broadband VPN for tighter security, using IP telephony services for lower communications costs. As a result, Koji Center successfully decreased network costs by approximately 10 percent while doubling the network speed between headquarters and branch offices.

"AT&T was able to resolve our network problems from the customer standpoint," says Akira Segawa, director of information systems at Koji Center. "We attained the objectives of reducing costs and achieving greater operational efficiency through adopting the new network."

"AT&T has a track record of helping not only large enterprises but also medium-sized businesses," says Norihiko Minato, president of AT&T Japan. "We are delighted that the recent network implementation helps the customer make its operations more efficient."


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