AT&T Will Deliver Multiservice Optical Network Ring

att_header_logo.gifAT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) today announced that it will be providing optical network services to Los Angeles County, one of the largest and most populous counties in the nation.

AT&T will deliver a Multi-Service Optical Network Ring (MON Ring) to Los Angeles County. The addition will include multiple Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel circuits.

These services are expected to help the county's business-continuity plan by delivering a highly scalable metropolitan network solution that will provide Los Angeles County with increased network reliability and flexibility. The MON Ring will ensure network survivability by connecting the county's primary and secondary data centers to a single converged network. Additionally, the solution will be fully managed by AT&T.

This solution also aligns with AT&T's customer-focused convergence strategy, enabling Los Angeles County to seamlessly integrate future applications and communications services.

"We wanted a reliable multiprotocol solution to support our critical applications and improve our disaster recovery." said Richard Sanchez, general manager of Information Technology Service for the County of Los Angeles. "We're confident that we can rely on this solution to accommodate our growing needs."


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