XO Communications Announces Nationwide Availability of Enhancements to Industry-Leading Business VoIP Services Bundle

logo_xo.gifXO Communications today announced the nationwide availability of new enhancements to XOptions Flex, its industry-leading voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services bundle, that enable medium-sized businesses to take advantage of the cost-savings and flexibility of VoIP without having to replace their existing phone systems. Today, more than 3,000 businesses nationwide have deployed XOptions Flex, and the new enhancements expand the market for XOptions Flex by extending its availability to businesses with up to 160 employees at each location.

Now available in more than fifty metropolitan markets, the new enhancements allow businesses to utilize XOptions Flex with existing private branch exchanges (PBX) that are connected to a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or digital trunk and take full advantage of XOptions Flex’s VoIP-enabled capabilities and features. XOptions Flex is the industry’s first VoIP services bundle for businesses that combines virtually unlimited local and long distance calling, dedicated Internet access and web hosting for a flat monthly price. XOptions Flex leverages the latest in VoIP technology to provide customers with advanced capabilities such as unlimited voice calling, dynamic bandwidth allocation, voice virtual private networking (VPN), and a simple online feature management tool.

“These enhancements move XOptions Flex up-market to businesses with larger offices that are looking to cost-effectively migrate to voice over IP,” said Charlie Cary, vice president of marketing at XO Communications. “With more than 3,000 customers, XOptions Flex has quickly gained traction among the small business segment, and we expect that it will gain ground among larger businesses that want to IP-enable their existing telephone systems.”

“One of the largest business concerns for small and medium-sized businesses is limited capital budget, and changing out a phone system can be a substantial investment for them,” said Steve Hilton, Director of Yankee Group’s Small & Medium Business Strategies practice. “Solutions like XOptions Flex that leverage existing infrastructure while offering enterprise-class applications like call center capabilities and VPNs appeal to small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow in a financially sound way.”

XOptions Flex Features
XOptions Flex offers the following features for businesses with existing PBX equipment:
• Dedicated Internet Access up to 3 Mbps
• Dynamic bandwidth allocation
• Virtually unlimited local calling and inbound and outbound domestic long distance calling
• Up to 32 voice channels
• Online feature management for real-time changes to services through the XO Business Center
• Web Hosting Package
• Additional voice lines, hosting and other applications can also be added on an a la carte basis.

With a broadband connection on the XO IP network, XOptions Flex utilizes the XO national IP network and softswitch technology to carry customers’ voice calls more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional services that rely on the public switched telephone network. As a business-class VoIP solution, XOptions Flex also provides customers with full access to E911 emergency services.


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