AT&T and Yahoo! Introduce Beta Test of Enhanced Yahoo! Mail

att_header_logo.gifAT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) and Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) today launched a beta test of a new version of Yahoo! Mail, the No. 1 Web mail service in the U.S. and around the world*, which is available to AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet and Dial subscribers. The AT&T Yahoo! Mail beta provides enhanced functionality such as drag-and-drop e-mail organization, message preview, and an integrated RSS reader that provides users with easy access to breaking news, blog entries and other feeds directly from Web mail. The AT&T Yahoo! Mail beta is available to a subset of AT&T Yahoo! Mail users today and will be available to all users in the coming months.

Like the current AT&T Yahoo! Mail experience, the new version is browser-based, making it universally accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, and there's no need to download new software. The beta version the most significant enhancement to the AT&T Yahoo! Mail interface and user experience since AT&T Yahoo! Mail launched in 2001.

"This version is a significant enhancement to our already award-winning Web mail," said Kieran Nolan, vice president of AT&T Broadband. "It's a user-friendly upgrade that will make this popular application more powerful and more versatile, giving us another advantage over our competitors. It's fast and easy to use — an experience we believe that customers will enjoy."

"This beta version of AT&T Yahoo! Mail gives people a faster and more dynamic way to experience their e-mail, yet it continues to offer the same features they rely upon today: great anti-spam and virus protection and tons of storage; it's all there," said Ethan Diamond, director of Product Development, Yahoo! Mail. "We're excited to give AT&T Yahoo! subscribers this new e-mail experience, and we look forward to the feedback as we continue the development process."

Highlights of the beta version of AT&T Yahoo! Mail include increased speed and the following features:

    * Fast and easy-to-use interface that functions like a desktop client application.
    * Drag-and-drop message organization.
    * Reading pane to view messages instantly.
    * Comprehensive and speedy search of e-mail headers, bodies and attachments.
    * Ability to view multiple e-mail at the same time, using tabbed navigation.
    * Integrated RSS reader, providing access to breaking news, blog entries and other feeds directly in the Web mail experience.
    * Automatic check and delivery of new mail.
    * Keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus.
    * Ability to scroll through all message headers in a folder, rather than page by page.
    * Address autocomplete.
    * Industry-leading protection against spam and viruses.
    * Available on Firefox (Mac/Windows) and Internet Explorer (Windows only).

Integrated RSS Reader

The AT&T Yahoo! Mail beta offers users access to breaking news, blog entries, and other feeds directly in their Web mail experience through an easy-to-use integrated RSS reader. This feature brings together online content from an unlimited number of sources and makes it easy to forward select news clips and blog postings to friends and co-workers or to file them for future use.

AT&T Yahoo! Mail Beta users will have access to RSS feeds by clicking on the All RSS Feeds icon, which appears below the user's e-mail folders. This automatically provides users with access to full posts — whether from their personalized My AT&T Yahoo! page, a selection of the most popular feeds or favorite feeds that they manually enter.


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