AT&T Yellow Pages Data Echoes Pop Star Contest Mania

att_header_logo.gifSnarky barbs from critical talent judges may be more encouraging to aspiring artists than off-putting, according to a pop culture barometer referenced daily by millions of households nationwide.

AT&T Yellow Pages, the nation's largest Yellow Pages publisher, has seen a 19 percent increase overall in advertiser listings under its vocal music instruction heading since 2001, reflecting an intensified interest in voice lessons since the debut of one of the most watched series on television.

"When I started this business three or four years ago, I thought I would have more piano and guitar students, but I actually have more voice students than anything," said Ben Harris, owner of Ben Harris Music Studio in Broken Arrow, Okla. "My students reference 'American Idol,' ask if I watch it — one student even mentioned he'd like to audition for the show."

"Yellow Pages headings mirror American pop culture," said Dennis Payne, CEO, AT&T Yellow Pages. "They reflect what's trendy and what's tired as the number of advertisers in certain categories swells, falls or remains steady."

AT&T Yellow Pages publishes more than 700 directory titles, distributed to 37 million households.

Demonstrating the influence of Yellow Pages in the buying process, AT&T research reveals that almost 80 percent of Yellow Pages users make contact with a business, delivering approximately $12 in revenue for every $1 invested in Yellow Pages display advertising by local businesses.

In addition to its print directories, AT&T Yellow Pages jointly owns with BellSouth Corp. the nation's leading Internet Yellow Pages site, YELLOWPAGES.COM, which is expected to host 1 billion references annually.


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